Any tips please

mercury14, Mar 28, 10:46pm
We get the butcher to stuff it with our own home made stuffing. Then just cook it nice and slowly.
You could easily stuff it yourself after it thaws out.

rainrain1, Mar 28, 10:47pm
Well I like mine cooked in a bit of fat in an oven dish with a lid on. Moderate oven, and just test after a couple of hours or so to see if it's cooked, e.g. clear juices. I never time mine, and probably always overcook it, because that's how we like it, all brown and delicious on the outside

tippsey, Mar 30, 4:25am
If you think it might be a wee bit on the tough side you could cook it in a slow cooker if you have one. Roast Beef or any roast is lovely and tender slow cooked.

bisloy, Nov 15, 12:06am
Slow is definitely the way. Had one tonight with Yorkshire pudding, yum! Personally I don't add any extra fat and we always have enough for the pud and the veges.

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