Yukky bacon bones

Chef_sally63, May 22, 7:59 am
Anybody bought yukky bacon bones from Countdown? My soup is not nice at all. It has a nasty after taste from the bones

Chef_rainrain1, May 22, 7:19 pm
Go back and tell them

Chef_ritebuy, May 22, 8:18 pm
oh dear I had the same threw the whole pot out never will I waste $ on bacon hock from countdown again

Chef_rainrain1, May 22, 8:32 pm
It would be salty, you could have made pea and ham soup

Chef_buzzy110, May 22, 10:43 pm
I'm curious. Was there an ingredients list on the packaging? If so, what does it read?

Or, maybe the bones weren't smoked the usual way but "chemically smoked" which could probably (note to all those who like to take me to task, I said "could probably") have had an impact on taste.

I always try to buy hocks that have actually been smoked, rather than chemically treated and had a smoke flavour additive. Sometimes the information that comes with the product can be so obfuscating it is not always easy to know, hence why I always read ingredients labels for clues.

Chef_sally63, May 22, 11:29 pm
I am guessing chemically smoken- horrible:( Interesting to see somebody else had the same problem

Chef_buzzy110, May 23, 5:15 am
I certainly hope that the two posters who had a problem with the bones actually took the matter up with the manager of the shop. Bacon bones are more often than not, used in soup so they should at least be edible.

Chef_wendalls, May 23, 10:54 am
I've had yucky from mad butcher. Several times I think. Last year though.agree it was the after taste. and no I didn't complain. My husband thinks I am too fussy and rolls his eyes when I comment about less than perfect food. He implies that I'm imagining it.

Chef_buzzy110, Jul 15, 12:53 am
No you aren't. My DH notices and he has even taken stuff back and complained for me. I keep receipts for at least a month, or until my CC statement arrives and I check it. That makes it easier when lodging a complaint.

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