Which supermarket has the best wine specials?

paora-tm, Apr 18, 5:41am
My vote goes to New World - on the wine I drink, anyway. I also wonder if Countdown bullsh*ts their 'regular' prices sometimes - especially on their specials.

firemansgirl, Apr 18, 6:19am
I guess at the end of the day it doesn't matter whether they bullsh*t their prices or not, if the wine special gives you the wine at a price you're happy with and are prepared to pay, what does it matter what the original price was? Plus, you can always go online and do a price comparison.

wendalls, Apr 18, 6:28am
Well I found out today that you had to have the supervisor to approve your alcohol purchase at a supermarket! My husband could not understand how I did not know that. Considering I have a wine most nights lol! I have been using online shopping for years so I guess that's why I haven't noticed. I was most peed off to be held up in the under 12 items lanes while supervisors were required in front of me. And then I did the same! What is with that?

paora-tm, Apr 18, 7:02am
Hey, I love a wine bargain and I feel cheated when my Countdown saving maybe wasn't all that I was led to believe it was. I don't own a smartphone so online comparisons aren't possible until I come home to check prices. I guess you're happy with any retailer who inflates RRPs to make sale prices look better than they actually are.

kirmag, Oct 3, 1:20am
I can't understand how you don't know that either! Been happening for YEARS! Also if you go with someone who they ID and they don't have ID they can refuse to sell it to you. have had that happen with the Mr, he never carries it and is older then me but cos he didn't and i had beer in the groceries for him, they wouldn't sell it to us.

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