Sous vide?

deus701, Jan 29, 10:33am
i saw the sunbeam sous vide duos at harvey norman mt wellington for $130. It says display model only and no box. Maybe its still there if ur keen.

thewomble1, Jan 30, 10:43am
Have the more expensive Breville model for about 12 months now. Holds 10l of water and can hold a lot of food. No more hot kitchens. Used it to day to cook a leg of pork seasoned with star-aniseeds, honey and orange zest. 20 hours at 66°C. So tender. Using a sous vide helps stop shrinkage. Season, bag, throw into the sous vide and forget (more or less). No more burnt pans, roasting dishes. Very cheap to use.
The Sunbeam model is fairly small so you could be limited to the size of the food you want to cook.
If you want help . only to pleased to help.

dinx, Jan 30, 11:02am
I know someone with one in their restaurant and they are are very particular with food. I know they use it, I had to drop it off for repairs a while back but it weighed a ton, commercial one however.

thewomble1, Feb 1, 3:31am
Depends on how much water it holds. 1l of water weighs 1kg. Also much lighter to shift/ drop of once the water is removed.

thewomble1, Feb 1, 3:37am
I start off using a chilli bin and a sous vide temperature controller (imported from Canada) with an immersible heater. Worked OK but too many wires,cables etc. I up-graded to a Breville sous vide machine. Looks like a deep fryer. The same as they use in Masterchef Australia.

dinx, Mar 29, 5:47pm
The one I was moving was empty (no water) and it was neary a two person lift job. But def a commercial grade machine so much more solid construction, not a domestic one. Took up quite a bit of room in the car too, maybe 1/3 or 1/2 the boot of my little car. Most commercial grade applicances built for longevity but cost a bomb instead.

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