Dated eggs - can they be used

lofty010247, Feb 2, 1:50am
Have found some eggs in my pantry with a use by of 14/1/15 (we are not great egg eaters ! ) - would they be ok to use in a cake I am hoping to make this afternoon

whitehead., Feb 2, 2:05am
full a bowl with water and float them if they ly on their sides they are fine if the float and move around toss them a long way off down the garden for the hedgehogs to eat

245sam, Feb 2, 2:05am
lofty010247, IMO the eggs would/should be absolutely ok - irrespective of the date on the egg carton/tray I always break each egg into a cup or saucer before use. Use your nose and eyes to check each egg as you break each one into a cup/saucer before adding it/them to your cake mixture - if the eggs are 'off' believe me you'll know. Alternatively you could do the following check, although IMO this should be unnecessary for those eggs:-

" Place an egg in a bowl of water. If the egg lies on its side at the bottom, it is very fresh. If the egg lays upright on the bottom, it is still fine to eat, but should be eaten very soon, or hard boiled. If the egg floats to the top, do not eat."

Hope that helps. :-))

petal1955, Feb 2, 2:05am
Yes they will be fine

lofty010247, Feb 2, 2:26am
Right - thank you all . am now on a mission to check these things!

lofty010247, Feb 2, 3:20am
no cake baking for me today . darned eggs all bobbed around the top of the bowl . grrr!

245sam, Feb 2, 3:29am
lofty010247, I'm assuming (and hoping) that your pantry does not get excessively hot even in this very warm weather so have you actually cracked one of the eggs into a cup or on to a saucer? As I advised above, you can believe me that if the egg is/eggs are really off you'll know instantly and you'll be very quick to dispose of it/them. If your nose does not detect a very off egg smell I would use them in the baking that you obviously wanted to get done. :-))

duckmoon, Feb 2, 6:05am
i would crack into a cup and look and smell them.

if they pass that test, then I would use them

lofty010247, Apr 2, 6:55pm
that's what concerned me the time the things had been in the pantry . did crack them tho - no smell but looked odd so chucked 'em.
Thanx all for your imput

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