homemade are the best

2 cups of All Purpose flour
1/2 teaspoon of salt
a pinch of baking powder
about 1 Cup of warm water

Mix everything and knead using your fingertips tio a smooth dough.
Divide the dough into small balls medium size balls for medium to large ones.
Dust with flour and allow to rest for about 5 minutes
Preheat a heavy bottom pan on med heat
Using a rolling pin roll the ball dough out on a floured surface making sure it is not sticking at all. keep it as round as possible
Put the dough disk in the preheated pam and leave it for about 7 seconds or till small bubbles start to form
Flip it using a spatula
Brush with melted butter and flip again let cook for about 4 seconds and it should be cooked all the way through and has a lovely carmel color spots
Dont over cook it as it might get hard and break later.
Cool completely and store in a zip lock bag either in the fridge or the freezer.

If I do have to freeze them, I like to store mine with some baking paper between them or they tend to stick together a bit,
I've also done some with crushed garlic and chopped fresh herbs thrown in for fun.

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Chef_bev00, Mar 3, 9:13 am

Thankyou bev00. I hadn't thought of making my own.

Chef_jwjmummy, Mar 4, 4:01 am

Can anybody please give me some tips on folding wraps or suggest a brand of wrap that doesn't crack or break when folding. Filled wraps from cafes always seem to stay soft but when I do them at home they break whether I use them cold or warm them.

Chef_jwjmummy, Sep 19, 8:23 pm

Jarrah wraps are excellent. I've never had one crack or split. We fold up the bottom first, then one side then the other. It shows you how on the packet.

Chef_cw_jc, Sep 19, 8:55 pm

Thank you cw_cj I will see if the sell Farrah at our supermarket and give them a go

Chef_jwjmummy, Sep 19, 10:30 pm

warm them slightly

Chef_whitehead., Sep 20, 1:03 am

Yes. I agree Whitehead. 10 seconds in a microwave or short time in the oven and they'll fold or roll easily while still warm.

Chef_juliewn, Sep 20, 5:31 am

Same. I use Old El Paso wholegrain Tortillas and warm them in the microwave 6 of them for 20seconds. Never had any problems with splitting.

Chef_juliette55, Sep 20, 5:42 am


Chef_cccc3, Sep 20, 8:27 am

I use the homebrand ones quite often for school lunches and i heat them in the microwave for about 10-15 seconds. THey don't crack when i remember to heat them

Chef_bunny51, Sep 20, 11:39 am

They are really easy to make jwjmummy, much nicer and never crack or break apart.

Chef_susan21, Sep 20, 7:23 pm

I find Homebrand the best too and make sure they're well sealed for next time

Chef_suckersally, Sep 20, 11:26 pm

I use jabal brand if I'm buying. Thick and chewy Lebanese bread style.

Chef_ange164, Sep 20, 11:27 pm

http://www.farrahwraps.co.nz/ these are fantastic, the green spinich ones are tasty to, they never tear are easy to wrap and look good.
I always fold the bottom up, than start rolling tightly pushing filling into roll with a knife as I roll. Always make sure you have some mayo or a damp ingredient near the end of wrap to help it stick.
I consider myself a bit of a Wizz at making wraps :)

Oh, and I only seem to be ale to buy them at Countdown

Chef_xtownie, Sep 20, 11:41 pm

Homebrand here too. With any brand wrap, just remember to warm them slightly then they won't crack.

Chef_nauru, Sep 21, 1:57 am

I use Homebrand too, a pack of 15 does us a few meals so I freeze some until next time in bags I save from previous lots then just microwave them after thawing.

I was making my own but with HB so affordable it just wasn't worth the time and I can have tea on the table so much earlier after work.

Chef_wildflower, Sep 21, 1:57 am

Thanks everyone, your suggestions are much appreciated.

Chef_jwjmummy, Sep 22, 3:04 am

What recipe do you recommend ?

Chef_eljayv, Sep 22, 3:46 am

we use farrah here and find them excellent! lots of different flavours and never ever had one crack or split yum yum

Chef_scannell2, Sep 22, 3:52 am

Homebrand here too

Chef_speckle77, Jan 19, 9:43 am

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