Recommend the best nori sheets

phoenix10111, Jan 26, 11:22pm
Hi. We had our first attempt at sushi yesterday but I don't think the nori sheets were the best. We heated them for 10 mins as per the instructions but they still cracked a bit and to be honest, tasted somewhat burnt (despite not looking burnt). They were also very very hard to cut.
The ones we have are Japanese (no English writing) from New World

245sam, Apr 20, 10:17am
phoenix10111, IMO any of the Japanese nori sheets are preferable to those made elsewhere but I am puzzled by and have never heard of any need to heat the nori sheets for 10 minutes - a gentle but brief toasting yes, but 10 minutes? I believe that is where your problems with the nori originate.

Many years ago I did a tele-learning Introduction to Japanese Cookery course and the following is from the printed handout for that course:

"Toast shiny side only of nori over a high heat (under grill or over element or flame). The nori should turn dark green."

Hope that helps. :-))

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