Supper for St Patrick's Day

I have supper for 100 people on Tuesday night. I was thinking of Farrah Spinach wraps with various fillings. Fudge cake with green marshmellow. Any great ideas out there?

Chef_petmacorpltd, Mar 15, 4:00 am

I think that is wonderful I'd be happy.

Chef_anne1955, Mar 15, 6:58 am

When flatting we had green mashed potatoes, cabbage, peas, green herbed chops, green jelly, lime icecream and dyed green pears. Every St Pat's day always think of this. (not helpful for your meal - sounds good what you have planned).

Chef_asue, Mar 15, 7:33 am

As an Irish person am a little curious as to why people eat green food on Paddy's Day?Growing up in Ireland we certainly never did

Chef_carriebradshaw, Mar 15, 10:08 am

Green salad for the wraps.
Make a white chocolate fudge cake with green colouring

Chef_jennis, Mar 15, 11:54 am

I read something about NZer's marking St Patrick's Day more than people in Ireland!

Chef_jennis, Mar 15, 11:55 am

Coming from the West Coast and being of Irish descent St Patrick's Day has always been celebrated by the wearing of the green and going OTT with music and food.

Chef_petmacorpltd, Mar 15, 8:33 pm

It's certainly a lot bigger outside of Ireland I think.It was never that big of a thing for me anyway,we would meet up with friends for a few pints that's about it.

Chef_carriebradshaw, Mar 15, 9:34 pm

I'd make traditional Irish food rather than green food - colcannon, irish stew, etc. but maybe followed with cup cakes with a shamrock on top. A big deal seems to be made of St Patrick's Day but not St David's Day, St George's Day or St Andrew's Day .

Chef_sarahb5, Dec 22, 3:42 pm

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