Cooking with duck eggs

whistle, Nov 11, 9:20pm
any glutin free recipes using duck eggs

uli, Nov 12, 5:52am
You can use duck eggs instead of hens eggs any time - nothing to do with gluten free.

Gluten is in the grains/flours you use. not in the eggs.

anne1955, Nov 13, 6:43am
Duck eggs are great in baking, make things almost double in size and so light amazing. I made a fruit cake with them once and it made it so light I wasn't overly fussed as I like fruit solid lol but general baking amazing. There was a lady at our local markets selling huge not emu but what ever it is we have here lol been a long day. anyway 9.00 each she said to use just use recipes that weigh eggs old books often have these. always wondered why but now know. Had peacocks but never game enough to use the eggs.
And I have a friend that has an egg allergy I didn't know there was such a thing but found nice recipes that are eggless.

uli, Jun 30, 8:44am
They were probably goose eggs - although $9 EACH would be a bit steep.

We used to ask lunch guests "how many fried eggs you want for lunch?"

"About 4"

"But they are BIG"

"Ok 3 then"

Always was a great fun thing to see their faces when the 3 eggs covered their plate entirely :)

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