Home made mayonaise

Chef_sunnyflower, May 19, 2:15 am
try this so easy
1 egg
250 mils light olive oil
pinch salt
2 tablespoons dijonaise or 2 teaspoons minced garlic or ordinary mustard
1 tablespoon of lemon juice or apple cider vinegar

put egg at the bottom of a easyyo jar the big one then add 250 mils of light olive oil the mustard or garlic and then put a stick blender straight to the bottom of the jar and wizz add lemon juice or vinegar.
this is the yummiest mayo so quick to make and so healthy no additives.

Chef_kirmag, May 19, 2:26 am
The whole egg?

Hmmm does sound easy, will give this a go.

Chef_mjhdeal, May 19, 2:55 am
I have made the Annabel Langbein mayo recipe, it looks pretty much the same sort of thing: http://www.annabel-langbein.com/recipes/speedy-mayo/440

Really, really easy, really, really good. But - a stick-blender and narrow vessel are essential for this recipe, or it won't emulsify properly.

Chef_pickles7, May 19, 4:15 am

There are heaps of recipes on youtube for this mayo.

Chef_nauru, May 19, 6:57 am
I have been making my mayo like this since I bought my very first stick blender a number of years ago. It is so easy to make, I never buy mayo, home made is way nicer, at least you know what is in it and no additives. I use the goblet which came with my first stick blender.

Chef_awoftam, Jul 23, 6:12 pm
Big ups for using a lite olive oil - a good 'un, unlike canola, rice bran and others that mayo are made with *shudder* - I have yet to find a mayo that uses olive oil so have to make my own. and use the same recipe you have posted.

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