falconhell2002, May 2, 8:18pm
Good morning. Hubby came home with his first deer the other day. I'm a bit weary of trying it but promised him I would cook it and try it. Now it is all cut up and in the freezer , so I have to do my part and cook it for us. My idea is to try it in something like homemade hamburgers first, where its not just straight venison. What I need is a recipe for meat patties made with venison. After work I will use the search thingy and have a look for other recipes to use with the steak and roasts that we also have. TIA for any help you can give.

vtired, Mar 26, 9:47pm
We eat a lot of wild venison. My mince patties consist of sm red onion 1kg venison mince, 1 crushed clove garlic, tsp or two mixed herbs of choice ( parsley, sage etc), plum sce 2-4 tblsps, salt and pepper, add 2 eggs, enough flour to bind or use breadcrumbs, I add a tblsp of olive oil due to the fact venison has no fat and mix, cook slowly in pan because if you cook fast the plum sce burns too fast and you miss ont on the caramelising flavor w the venison.

Venison back straps (Fillet stk) heat fry pan on stove, leave venison backstrap in whole piece trimmed of all sinew etc, olive oil, fresh salt and pepper, put into hot pan and sear all over then transfer to 200 degree oven 10 15 mins in same pan, depends on how thick the steak is as to how long you cook it in oven, we like ours m/r to med). Rest 5-10 mins and slice and eat. You can cut the backstrap down to the size you want to cook but do not cut it into stks until you have cooked it as this keeps all the flavor and juice in cooking it this way.
I have heaps of recipes but these are the ones we use the most and people love it. Good luck.

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