Frozen Berry Jam issues :(

anne1955, Apr 9, 5:32am
I have done a second boil on my frozen berry jam, and still not setting :( I took off extra juice but still no luck any ideas? Please It's for a fundraising stall so need it to set :)

melford, Apr 9, 5:44am
Buy some pectin and do a re boil. Failing that use some gelatine

punkinthefirst, Apr 9, 7:30am
Pectin. Or heat up the mix, add a dessertspoon of tartaric acid powder (NOT cream of tartar) for every 2 kgs fruit and reboil for 5 minutes. I wouldn't use gelatine . It can go off if not used quickly or refrigerated.

whitehead., Oct 20, 9:50am
grate an apple into it skin ans all you wont taste it and its full of pectin i always use a granny smith

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