Potato bake question

I'm cooking tonight (normally hubby does by he's working late) so was planning on doing my old staple, and the kids favouite, pasta bake. However we have quite a few roast potatoes left over from last night, any ideas on something I could do with them? Turn into a potato bake?

Chef_tonks35, Mar 9, 11:59 pm

Tortilla veg stack. great for using left over roasties.

Tortillas, left over roast potatoes and any vegs. cheese sauce, fav chutney, baby spinach leaves, grated cheese,
O/proof dish put tortilla in bottom, spread with fav chutney, lay sliced cooked roast potatoes on top, then baby spinach, pour cheese sauce over, put another tortilla on top, spread chutney add chunks any left over vegs, if none sliced fried egg plant and peppers is good sprinkle baby spinich leaves on then more cheese sauce, tortilla and sprinkle grated cheese on top with sprinkle paprika and bake 180c about 30 mins till cheese is melted and golden and stack is heated through, Can make as high as you like, cut into wedges serve with nice fresh green salad.

Chef_fifie, Mar 10, 12:18 am

They are good sliced and cooked in a sandwich maker. Only takes a few minutes

Chef_kiwitrish, Mar 10, 12:22 am

With left over roast potatoes I slice them, put some butter in a fry pan, add some garlic and herb salt and cook them up! Yummy!

Chef_ellie04, Mar 10, 12:44 am

I used some leftover boiled potatoes in this recipe last night. I was browsing through all the potato recipes on here and Oakhill Potatoes came up - so I made them and they were utterly delicious. With thanks to eastie3 who posted originally.

'An old nurses home favourite.Good as a side dish or a light meal'.
5 x med potatoes,cooked and diced.
1/2 tsp salt
3 x TBS butter
2 x TBS flour
2 x c milk
Make a white sauce,cooking the flour well.
Combine the cold potatoes,2 x hard boiled eggs,a small finely chopped onion, 2 x rashers of cooked bacon and salt and pepper.Add white sauce and mix to combine,and turn into a greased oven dish.
Melt 1 x TBS butter and combine with 1/2 c breadcrumbs and sprinkle over the potatoes.
Bake at 180C for about 30mins.
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eastie3 (49 ) 1:55 pm, Fri 21 May #16 Trade Me recipes:

The way I did it: I didn't want the bacon or the eggs because we were having it with leftover lamb and veges etc so I just added the onions - and I did saute them in butter before adding them by sprinkling over the layers of potato I already had in the dish - just sliced rather than diced. I cheated thoroughly by using a packet of Continental 4 cheeses white sauce mix to which I added extra tasty and and a little parmesan. I also used Panko breadcrumbs and more parmesan to the topping - and it truly was delicious - complete cheat's treat! And quick! Took a little longer than 30 minutes to get the lovely crunchy golden topping - maybe 40 mins and I had to turn it up to 200 to brown - ovens all differ so it's trial and error. Would make this for a large gathering or to take to a pot luck with the other ingredients added. In fact we are trying the whole thing next time we have it.

Chef_esther-anne, Mar 10, 12:56 am

Just slice up on top of the pasta bake and cover with cheese half way through the pasta bake cooking. (like a crunchie topping)

Chef_asue, Jan 6, 1:45 am