Hard to find ingredient

awoftam, Jan 17, 6:40am
Maybe try iherb.com Its a US company however delivery very reasonable and their products are first class. I use them for all my nuts, almond meal, cacao etc as organic and cheaper (generally) than what you buy the same product (and same brand) here for.

jc239, Jan 17, 9:55pm
Cool, thanks for the ideas. Will do some investigating.

jc239, Jan 16, 7:27pm
Hi, has anyone seen fermented tea leaves in any Asian shops around NZ?
It's used to make a tea leaf salad.

valentino, Jan 16, 8:10pm
Perhaps look for a specialised Chinese Herb and spice Shop.

Do not know Christchurch if there are any there.
I know of one In Rosebank Road, Auckland but unsure if they have exactly what you looking for but never know unless one ask.

Editing to add that I think there is another in "K Rd" in Auckland.

jc239, Jan 16, 8:41pm
Yeah cheers Valentino, it's a Burmese product so would prob be with Thai products.
I might have to ring around a few, Google hasn't come up with anything in NZ so far.

chatsmom, Jan 16, 8:43pm
You could try contacting Teasme at Church Corner.

christin, Jan 16, 8:50pm
There is a Thai ingredients place in mt Albert, so they may have it?

jc239, Jan 16, 9:22pm
Yeah cheers, I did try the tea place at church corner.
Do you know the name of the place in my Albert? I could give them a call.

valentino, Jan 16, 11:36pm

Try this link for stores in Christchurch.

christin, May 10, 10:42am
This is the place, only driven past it but review here :-). Worth a shot


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