Picnic ideas

gillies08, Apr 9, 6:21am
Hi all, we are a family of 4 who will be at a sporting event all weekend. Any picnic ideas? We will need to pack lunch and dinner for Saturday and lunch for Sunday as well as snacks. I need inspiration :-)

awoftam, Apr 9, 6:37am
Pan Bagnat. Looks fiddly - it isn't and tastes amazing. I was looking for Peta Mathias' recipe however can't find it online. I have a printed one ripped out of a newspaper a few years ago. The secret it to really weigh it down, I used huge Auckland telephone books which raised a few questions from people who went into the fridge the night it was sitting in there soaking up all the yumminess.

awoftam, Apr 9, 6:38am

sally63, Apr 9, 6:44am
Individual bacon and egg pies made in large muffin tins. I add a bit of fresh basil pesto in the middle for a burst of flavour. Yummy and easy.

gillies08, Apr 9, 6:49am
Oh yummy. Thanks for the ideas. That recipe looks fab awoftam :-)

awoftam, Oct 21, 6:04pm
Fried chicken is always a winner too and you can play with this as much as you like. Fillets in a herbed crumb oven baked are tasty and better for you, and travel better, IMO. Hard boiled eggs, crusty bread - gosh you have got me thinking I need to have a picnic again soon its a great way to eat as a family!

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