Cream of tartar

terraalba, Jan 18, 12:03am
Good question lilyfield.

Two reasons, Firstly I knew it was quite old and possibly might have lost quality as far as a raising component (I had mixed it with baking soda) but also I was not expecting the replacement to be as expensive as it was. I certainly learned some lessons.

I should have not been so hasty however I did scrape enough for the teaspoon of the cream of tartar I needed to go with the baking soda. The baking didn't rise as much as I expected.

I should check the lids on all my jars for their being closed or loose more often.
I wonder though how long should we keep stuff in the back of cupboards.
Recently I threw out some ancient treacle. I think this is the only tin I've bought and I did that in the early 1970s.
Spices would have I imagine a time when they aren't as good as they were once. I don't know how long I should keep these for though.
I often end up throwing old stored grains out as I can these do show signs of being less than best.

terraalba, Jan 16, 8:41pm
Went to use this on Thursday but it had gone hard so threw it out as it was very old. I'd bought a big container of it ages ago. Lessons learned - must ensure containers have properly secured lids because purchased a smaller container at Countdown this morning to replace it. For 100 gms $5.69 (smaller than the one thrown out). Also it clearly isn't a good idea to purchase more than a little at a time given I threw out more than I purchased today.
That seems to me a very expensive ingredient that is used only a little but nevertheless is a fairly straightforward 'chemical' ingredient.

spunkeymonkey, Jan 16, 9:17pm
you can get it a wee bit cheaper from pak n sav and much better quality, its only about 100 grams but i would rather smaller than larger so yes it will be more expensive for you, a lesson learnt

lilyfield, May 9, 4:58pm
So why did you throw it out instead of hammering it or pulsing in a spice mill

It does not go off

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