leebee35, Mar 8, 10:17am
Just back from Australia. and these are huge over there. I reckon we are being ripped off at $2500 here as in Oz they are only $2,000. So buy there and then claim the GST back I say.

I did use one while there amazing, mashed potatoe, Pea, mint & asparagus, Tuna Pasta and sorbet. Yum yum. so quick and easy.

rarogal, Mar 9, 11:00pm
My daughters friend in Oz bought one and she swears by it. She can cook things that were utter failures for her before. Uses it every day.

madibug, May 19, 8:33am
Anyone have one? Thoughts?

madibug, May 19, 11:24am
awesome thanks for that, saw that they are around $2500 in nz and was wondering what people thought about them

korbo, Jan 6, 8:58am
as in the thread, my daughter uses hers 3-4 times a day, and has perfected banana bread.

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