Smoothies stopping them from going brown

jord37, Jan 13, 9:37am
D I Law puts berries in hers so they stay red colour.

sarahb5, Jan 13, 9:19pm
It clearly depends what you put in your smoothie - daughter left some of hers on the bench yesterday at breakfast time and it was still bright pinky-red when I got home from work.

holly-rocks, Jan 14, 4:25am
Put some cacao in :) problem solved :)

southislandswim, Dec 30, 3:13am
Anyone had experience with what to put in a smoothie to stop going brown?
I'm wanting to make one in the morning to take to work for lunch but thinking it will probably go brown. Has anyone actually done this with fruit smoothies maybe some lemon juice? But not sure if that alone would work if smoothie is sitting in fridge for 2-3 hours before wanting.

lilyfield, May 13, 2:43am
Yes, lemon juice, airtight seal, nothing wrong with drinking them if gone brown. Just shut your eyes.

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