No Jelly Bag what to use?

Sure I have seen/read about using pillow case or tea-towel for one? Thanks Anne

Chef_anne1955, Mar 11, 9:26 pm

I use an old tea towel that I keep especially for that purpose. Rinse tea towel in hot water before you use.
After use I run it through napisan and then wash in a hot wash.

Chef_cgvl, Mar 11, 9:45 pm

Thanks was sure I'd read about using a tea towel or a pillow case thanks thinking I must have dreamed it lol.

Chef_anne1955, Mar 11, 9:48 pm

If you are talking about making jam into jelly use a mutton cloth,washed first.

Chef_porsche9, Mar 11, 10:10 pm

Plain cotton muslin cloth, mutton cloth, old cotton teatowels and pillow cases (you can boil all of these to sterilise them) are all useful as long as there are no bigger holes and tears than the thinning weave of the fabric. If push comes to shove, even paper towel is possible (I've tried this and it works for small quantities).
I use a purchased jelly bag now but years ago, I used the butter muslin cloth left over from when I made face cloths for my first baby.

Chef_terraalba, Mar 11, 10:32 pm

Was/is jelly I'm wanting to make.

Chef_anne1955, Mar 11, 11:51 pm

I used an old pillow case . washed and boiled. Works well.

Chef_addington261, Mar 14, 6:37 am

i also use an old cotton pillow slip ive used the same one for years its got a brown stain on it but is fine for just that

Chef_whitehead., Mar 14, 11:19 pm

I used a tea towel pre boiled it a day before and dried it. I put a double layer of the tea towel into a colander over a pot left over night. It's turn out so nice and clear, but have posted another question. As some set and some didn't set as well :(

Chef_anne1955, Dec 25, 5:49 pm