Hokey pokey help please!

carol113, Jan 28, 11:42pm
I got given a gift basket at xmas and in it was a bag of huge pieces of Hokey Pokey( Not coated in chocolate.).I went to open it last night and it has all stuck together and not as nice it first was probably due to the heat inside my house. Need to get some ideas what to do with it.Was thinking of breaking it up and coating in real chocolate.

245sam, Jan 28, 11:51pm
Make some hokey pokey icecream - either homemade or mix the hokey pokey into some store-bought incecream.
Crush the hokey pokey and make hokey pokey milkshakes.
Add the hokey pokey to biscuit or muffin mixtures.
Hokey Pokey Cheesecake.

Just a few thoughts - hope they help. :-))

carol113, Jan 29, 12:06am
Thanks 245sam. your ideas sound great and yummy!

lilyfield, Jan 29, 4:35am
melt it down in hot milk and make caramel custard

spider47, Jan 29, 6:36am
After all those yum ideas i wish mine had stuck together just so I could try them.

wildflower, Apr 15, 5:42pm
If you put it in ice cream it tends to soften up a bit to a nice consistency too, makes it really lovely:)

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