Chocolate making with moulds

korbo, Apr 2, 10:40pm
Having a* blonde* moment.
can someone tell me the procedure using the plastic chocolate moulds and melting the chocolate.
Have got chocolate buttons, do you melt them over hot water?
Do you have to prepare the moulds.?
haven't used them for years and want to make some with the grandies for Easter.thanks

valentino, Apr 2, 11:38pm
45 minutes and me write this, yeah, blonde moments lol.

The best method for melting choc is into an ideal container like a Stainless steel bowl that has a flat bottom but tapered to the top with the widish top edge, placed in and on simmering hot water within a saucepan, stir until all is just melted and use.
Retop more as you required.

Re Moulds, ensure they are very clean and simply fill each moulds finishing with a flat surface, when cooled enough (solid enough) then can be removed from moulds and if need to join some then this is the best time to do this, do it by heating a metal baking tray then lay the flat sides on the tray then stick the two together.

One can use only choc, or choc and with something added in like pieces of hokey pokey, caramel pieces, glazed fruits, etc.

Also, if say doing marshmallows then fill the moulds with marshmallow and when set continue as with the choc combining then brush with or dipped in melted choc. One will note that could be a two way method, that is do most then allow to set then the rest once first part has set to finish off.

Editing to add that if you doing hollow items then only brush sufficient choc inside the moulds, let it set then stick together like as in the hot tray method.


korbo, Nov 9, 5:19pm
thanks very much. chocolate making here I come.

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