American pumpkin pie

Chef_pennyo, May 11, 8:37 am
Is it a dessert dish Ora vegetable side dish?

Chef_garryb, May 11, 8:44 am

Chef_coralsnake, May 11, 9:35 am
Dessert. Check out your local Countdown store as they sell Libby's Pure Pumpkin [canned].

The pumpkin can be used for many other recipes.

Chef_sarahb5, May 11, 10:57 am

Chef_whitehead., May 13, 9:11 am
to die for pud with cream i all ways make small ones when i need to take a plate and top with whipped cream and a bit of ginger . i use nutmeg ginger and allspice in my mix in a percooked short bread case i use edmonds cookery book for the pie

Chef_murfee, May 15, 4:26 am
can you use cooked pumpkin or does it need to be canned - has the canned puree had sugar and spices added is what I'm really asking :-)

Chef_freesia, May 15, 4:43 am
Usually the canned pumpkin does have the spices already included. Personally I like to boil drain and mash my own pumpkin and spice it to taste.I find the canned product too runny and sweet. My challenge with this particular pie is not burning the rim while waiting for the pumpkin mix to set.

Chef_uswoman, May 15, 5:52 am
Cover the edges of the pie with aluminium foil to keep the crust from getting too brown. I've made pumpkin pie with fresh pumpkin - by far the easiest way of cooking it was to cut it into chunks, steam it, let it cool and just scrape the pumpkin off the shell. Then puree in a food processor until its nice and smooth, and then drain the pumpkin in a strainer to get some of the water out.

Chef_coralsnake, Aug 1, 9:59 am
It is a different pumpkin that is used.
I have yet to see a canned pumpkin with spices.

If you google pumpkin pie there are loads of recipes including making your own spice mix.

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