Minimum watts for blender for ice smoothies?

Chef_unicstudent, Feb 22, 3:59 am
Hi, I am interested in buying a blender for multiple uses but want one that will crush ice easily in smoothies. What minimum watts should I consider? I know higher watts will be better but don't have an endless budget. I have one offered to me at 650 watts but don't know whether it might realistically be too small and not really be worth it? Any comments considered, and thanks in advance.

Chef_lilyfield, Feb 22, 5:00 am
should be ok ,but i would crush the ice first, have a bag full ready ,belt it with a hammer ,rather than using blocks of it

Chef_unicstudent, Feb 22, 5:15 am
Thanks lilyfield, I would really like to just be able to throw in a few cubes (we make ice in ice trays) without the hassle of crushing first. If this size machine isn't going to be up to the job I would rather wait and get a machine that can handle the job rather than fuss with crushing first . ?

Chef_unicstudent, Feb 7, 2:06 am
I do see some machines at 600 watt plus that advertise as having ice crushing blades and being "ice crushers" - I guess it varies with brand?

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