Coldslaw Recipe

mber2, Feb 1, 8:43am
What is your best coldslaw recipe?

sarahb5, Feb 1, 8:57am
Coleslaw .

Shredded white and/or red cabbage, grated carrot and a little finely chopped onion with mayo/yoghurt dressing - keep it simple

nauru, Feb 1, 9:16am
Shredded cabbage, grated carrot and cucumber, chopped spring onion and mayo dressing. A touch of mint in the mayo dressing is nice too.

rainrain1, Feb 1, 6:02pm
I have a friend who calls in coldslaw, and have never had the heart to tell her otherwise

rover110, Feb 1, 9:27pm
finely shredded cabbage, carrot, onion, coleslaw dressing and my secret ingredient is grated cheese, even people that hate coleslaw will eat mine, its super scrummy.

jaygee1962, Apr 5, 6:55pm
thanks for that link 235sam, glad I happened to click on this thread :)

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