Cakey Muffins

fee1965, Feb 9, 6:15am
Had a gorgeous white choc and berry muffin today, the consistency was more like a buttery cake, so light and fluffy not heavy and muffing at all.
Does anyone have a really light muffin recipe? Am sick of the heavy stodgy ones, and yes, i know how to bake so am not over mixing them to make them tough.

wheelz, Feb 9, 9:01am
Use a cake mixture instead. Most cake recipes can be cooked in muffin tins, just reduce the cooking time.

245sam, Feb 10, 3:15am
fee1965, have you tried this recipe:-

IMO a lovely light muffin. :-))

nauru, Mar 11, 1:02am
Fee, there's a thread for banana muffins with a Nigella recipe. I made them at the weekend and they were light and fluffy, quite unlike your usual muffin. You could adapt the recipe using other flavours. I will bump it for you.

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