How to make mixed veges more exciting?

Chef_karlymouse, May 17, 10:50 am
I watched the version of kids cooking on TV tonight and they cooked a pie. which was 3/4 cream. looked absolutely awful. a pastry base and the ingredients had obviously been measured out for them. then a filling of some sort of citrus. judging from the colour of it some of it was very articifical then loads of cream on the top. one little girl of 8 proudly proclaimed she had been cooking since 2 years old.

Chef_kindajojo, May 17, 11:07 am
. at least they are cooking. reading recipes. not just living in takeaways.

Chef_rainrain1, May 17, 11:14 am
We eat them sometimes, they are a good standby for the busy cook, who cares if those 'others' think you're a baddy ha ha. Try them already cooked in an omelette, add a few to curried sausages/ Poke some into your mince or a rice dish. Make sausage patties, add a few leftover veg. Use your imagination, make a potato bake with them in
Edited to say, we have a fab vegetable garden, but still gob down the frozen sometimes. Casseroles love them!

Chef_karlymouse, Jul 29, 2:15 am
Well OK but takeaways are not 3/4 cream usually

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