I have a very healthy bush. What can I use it for other than stuffing for a chicken?

Chef_niffer13, Mar 15, 7:09 am

Chef_wasgonna, Mar 15, 7:23 am

Fry the leaves for an amazing crispy topping to meat. Sage also goes very well with pork.

Chef_awoftam, Mar 15, 7:32 am

niffer13, lucky you! I miss my big sage bush so much and can't seem to encourage another to grow to the same proportions. :( One of our favourite recipes is very simple (although a tad expensive/decadent). It goes like this - take a pork fillet and lay it on prosciutto slices (in a row - think swiss roll type of thing here) covered in sage leaves then roll the prosciutto around all and cook. BBQ, oven roast or pan fry - all are delicious but don't overcook, pork fillet is lean and will not be good if you do.


Chef_sampa, Mar 15, 7:58 am

Sage is great in stuffings, chicken, apple, any cheese dishes. Nice with polenta or deepfried and used as a garnish.

Chef_fifie, Mar 15, 8:49 am

fry in a little butter - serve beside beans. You can use a lot doing this.

Chef_ahaaaaa, Mar 15, 10:09 am

Lay some fresh leaves over a pizza base then add other toppings.

Chef_jennis, Mar 15, 11:51 am

Apart from using the good recipe suggestions . just keep it well trimmed back, compost the clippings that you don't use & it will keep growing love fresh leaves . very forgiving plant & it does need regular haircuts for the best results (as do most herbs).

Chef_samanya, Dec 23, 6:01 pm

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