Possibly silly question about Caramel Slice

tomemma, Dec 22, 12:46am
Husband wants me to make Caramel Slice for him (and Santa). Now I normally make it by heating condensed milk in a pan with butter and golden syrup but he has bought Caramel flavoured condensed milk instead of normal one. Am I right in thinking I don't need to add butter and golden syrup? Also should I heat it to thicken it or just poor it on the base and then cook?

Many thanks in advance for your help.

chatsmom, Dec 22, 2:37am
Its ready to go. Don't need to heat firs as its very thick - just spread onto the base.

jennis, Dec 22, 3:45am
The flavour isn't as nice as making the caramel with normal sweetened condensed milk we find.

samanya, Dec 22, 4:09am
Santa probably won't mind either ;o)

tomemma, Mar 14, 3:52pm
Thanks everyone, I'll give it a go ;)

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