How to,cook please and what should I have with it :-)

Chef_kiwiscrapper1, Mar 16, 8:30 am

kiwiscrapper1, sorry I can't help you from personal experience - I have not had access to or need to cook raw tuna so I suggest that you have a look at:-


Hope you find that info' helpful. :-))

Chef_245sam, Mar 17, 7:34 am

Tuna, as in a fillet, steak, does not need cooking for long, just salt and pepper in it, then a quick flash in the pan , to heat it.
Tuna is served rare so to speak, that is only just cooked, should just be pink in the middle, any more than this , and it will be tough and not nice.
I would serve it with a salad or vegies.

Chef_aj.2., Mar 17, 7:56 am

Thankyou, I googled it and Jamie Oliver had a video showing how to cook, although we had a different type of tuna, it wasn't the dark it was quite light but made a rub, quick pan fry, sprinkled with lemon and was delish, my son caught it and gave us lots so have to freeze some.

Chef_kiwiscrapper1, Mar 18, 6:49 am

Thanks also 245sam, just read the link and will try next time some of their idea, if I don't make my own mayonnaise I always have 'real food' in the fridge, also Jamie served with a tomato salad so will also try this.

Chef_kiwiscrapper1, Dec 16, 3:56 pm

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