Chick bread

Chef_awoftam, May 16, 6:41 am
Just made some to have with a tomato stew and OMG its amazing.

1.5 cups besan/chana.chickpea flour
1.5 cups water
t salt
T oil
t mixed herbs or cumin seeds
t onion powder
.5 t garlic powder

in a bowl mix flour with some water to make a thick paste - don't use all the water at once.
add rest of ingredients and remaining water and mix well

Pour mixture into a tray (it will be quite runny)
Bake for 15 mins at 180 Let cool and slice carefully.

Chow down.

Chef_karlymouse, May 16, 11:22 am
Sounds good. I love the taste of Besan

Chef_motorbo, May 17, 3:42 am
do you think you need the onion and garlic powder? instead use fresh? I think I might try that

Chef_elsielaurie1, May 17, 4:08 am
Can the left-overs be successfully frozen?

Chef_eljayv, May 17, 4:56 am
Socca? Looks like the same idea .

Chef_awoftam, May 17, 5:20 am
You could try garlic mashed to a paste with salt I reckon. I must confess my er hem botty was a bit talkative after I ate it last night and I think it must have been the powders.

Chef_awoftam, May 17, 5:21 am
Don't know what Socca is. Will google.

Chef_awoftam, May 17, 6:20 am
Now that looks awesome. I reckon it will be nicer, actually.

Chef_nauru, May 17, 6:58 am
More like the chickpea flour than the powdered onion & garlic.

Chef_awoftam, May 17, 8:58 am
Oh really? Didn't know that. I eat hummus a lot (home made) and use besan in other recipes so didn't attribute it to the chattiness last night lol.

Chef_eljayv, May 17, 8:43 pm
Crispy lovely for a snack

Chef_davidt4, Jul 28, 5:11 pm
The long soaking and thorough cooking of chick peas for hummus makes them more digestible therefore less chatty. Socca and other flatbreads are unsoaked and only just cooked, so they have an impact!

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