What fillings do you put in homemade chocolates?

feespirit, Nov 8, 11:48am
I'm using chocolate molds, just hoping for some ideas please.

pogram0, Nov 8, 7:05pm
I am sure you can buy fillings for chocolates but one home-made one I know of is 55g plain chocolate broken into pieces and melted over a double-boiler, 2 tablespoons of cream, 225g icing sugar. Sift the icing sugar into the melted chocolate and add cream. Use a fork to mix and then knead mixture to form a firm, smooth, pliable mixture. Lightly dust a work surface with drinking chocolate powder, roll out the mixture to the thickness needed and cut our circles .with a cutter. Leave for around 12 hours or overnight to set and dry out. Dip the circles into your chocolate covering to finish off the chocolates.

greerg, Nov 8, 7:46pm
I use flavoured ganache mostly. With white chocolate ganache I have used freeze dried raspberries crumbled in while the mixture is hot. Dark chocolate with Cointreau and very finely chopped candied orange. Baileys and milk chocolate. Kahlya and a little instant coffee powder with dark chocolate.

whitehead., Nov 8, 10:40pm
i do chocolate peanuts nuke your peanuts for six minutes a full tray and tip onto broken up chocolate stir to mix and spoon out onto cooking paper leave to set over night . they are yummy i have just had an order from family from the states for exmas dinner in wellington this year

nauru, Nov 9, 8:20am
Various flavoured ganache fillings, marzipan, caramel for moulded chocolates. I also make the following:
Peppermint creams half choc dipped
Chocolate covered ginger
Chocolate truffles
Chocolate covered Turkish delight - I cheat & use shop bought TD
Chocolate covered brazil nuts/almonds
Chocolate dipped dried apricots/kiwifruit/mango
Coconut Ice
Bounty bars/balls

punkinthefirst, Nov 10, 12:00am
I dip, rather than mould, my Christmas gift chocolate. I use fondant, flavoured with essential oils like peppermint, orange, etc., and good essences, and cut into different shapes so that I can tell them apart when they're dipped. I also make a really good marshmallow, turkish delight, small balls of truffles and fudge fillings from recipes in "The Joy of Cooking", which has a great section on candy-making. In the boxes of sweets, I usually include undipped versions of all the above, plus dried apricots and dates, stuffed with homemade marzipan. For children, I often include a white or pink sugar mouse, made from flavoured fondant.
Yes, it looks like a lot of sugar, but one batch of each sweet yields enough to put a couple of pieces of each one into a little box with a pretty paper doiley, to wrap with cellophane and a bit of ribbon, for a most acceptable small once-a-year gift for many different people.

gennie, Jul 1, 1:19am
125g milk choc, 125g white choc, 100ml cream, 30g butter, 1-2 T of Baileys. Heat cream to just below boiling and add butter and chocolate, stir until combined, add Baileys. Will still be liquid enough at room temp to pour into a chocolate shell. Also good for chilling until firm and then rolling into balls, chilling again and then dipping. Best served at room temp as the choc shell is crisp and the inside is soft and just melts in your mouth.

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