Fried rice - sticky rice

crakajak0011, Apr 3, 1:07am
When i cook rice in my rice cooker and let it cool down overnight then use it for fried rice it always comes out in clumps and is very sticky. any suggestions please ?

petal1955, Apr 3, 2:09am
After cooking the rice spread it out on a flat tray and place in fridge overnight then do your fried rice.

wheelz, Apr 3, 4:12am
Do you rinse the rice before cooking?
Are you using too much water when cooking it?
Spread it out on a large roasting dish size, fluff it up before chilling it.

fifie, Apr 3, 7:00am
Put your rice in a sieve and wash well with cold running water till water clear
into saucepan add boiling water to about 1/2 inch above rice no lid boil real fast till water starts to evaporate. Turn heat off fluff with fork lid on and leave. While its steaming prepare your other things fluff again and you should have nice seperate fluffy rice grains.Works in r/cooker to secret is to wash starch out before hand.

bcnd, Apr 4, 8:45am
What if you add rice wine after it is cooked

neil_di, Apr 4, 6:23pm
A tip given to me by a Singaporean chef. mix an egg white through the cold rice loosens the rice perfectly and add the yolk to eggs for the making the omelette to put in fried rice.

tinabops, Nov 5, 5:10pm
You are probably using too much water. For fried rice best to
use long grain rice. Fluff it up while it is still warm, leave overnight and fluff up the cold rice just before frying.

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