Nice Microwave Mug Cakes, May 10, 8:54am

Gemma Stafford does five in this short 6 min vid - particularly like the first and last ones., May 10, 10:03am
Just made the banana and blueberry one and tested it on the family - all loved it! and you do need to make it in a tea cup not what she calls a mug as it is too small (still tastes nice though).

sarahb5, May 10, 9:27pm
Have tried a few via Pinterest - might try the Nutella one for lunch since its Mothers Day

sarahb5, May 11, 4:09am
Well that was delicious and made heaps so I shared with Miss 24

yjeva, May 11, 4:14am
Where do you find the quantities for the ingredients?

sarahb5, May 11, 4:22am
Follow the link and scroll down

lilyfield, May 11, 4:22am
scroll down on that given link, May 11, 8:09am
Where it says 'show more' has the ingredients for all of the recipes shown.

floralsun, May 12, 12:12pm
Thanks for the link :-)

popeye333, May 13, 5:46am
How large was your Mug Sarah5? Sounds like it would be plenty for two people. I imagine its quite rich.

My Microwave is 1000 watt so it will have to be a guess to the time

sarahb5, Aug 5, 4:46pm
My microwave is also 1000 watt - the Nutella mug cake I think is better made in a bowl than a mug unless you have exceptionally large mugs

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