Ladies night,meal ideas.

mflight, Apr 28, 3:34am
I am hosting a ladies weekend,any ideas for tasty food that's easy to prepare and sure to impress?

wheelmann, Apr 28, 3:40am
Footlong hotdogs?

Seriously though, I found this is popular and the ingredients could be easily substituted.

wheelmann, Apr 28, 3:44am
Or this if you can buy premade tart cases. Leeks are a reasonable price at the moment.

floralsun, Apr 28, 4:04am

poolgirl6, Apr 28, 8:51am
Anna bel langbeins raspberry ambrosia is a winner for dessert.

gaspodetwd, Sep 6, 10:58am
I'm a sucker for a good scone with jam and cream.

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