Setting Clock F & P Wall oven

stells3, May 1, 10:09pm
I've got a Zest oven and can't figure out how to set the clock and time. There are 2 buttoms. One with a + beside it and the other with a - beside it. Can anyone help me with setting the clock and using the timer please?

keri38, May 2, 3:51am
Dont know if this is any help dont have zest oven but on my F&P you hold down the timer button an the steaming pot button together then press + or- button til right time

stells3, May 2, 4:56am
Thanks keri38. Unfortuantely I've only got those 2 buttons I mentioned.

kimkat1, Mar 24, 6:06pm
try this site, just enter model number and ask the question, it will show you the answer... . I think


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