Vegetarian Lasagna

jethro1, Feb 25, 3:41am
I am after a Nice vegetarian Lasagna recipe. Thank you.

2spotties, Mar 1, 5:51pm
This is yum
but mine didn't look as pretty as their picture lol, Mar 1, 8:12pm
I made a Richard Till one during the week using courgettes as the pasta component and cooked brown lentils as the meat component with lots of crushed tomatoes and a cheesy sauce with an egg in it on the top. Took 2 hours to cook and resting time but must admit even the carnivore in the family went back for seconds.
(Original recipe also used eggplant but as we are inundated with
courgettes gave them a miss and I cooked my own lentils which took about 30 mins, no soaking)
Just found the recipe on line although here it is 'Moussaka'. I used lots and lots of courgettes btw and didn't cook the lentils with the other things.

letitia, Mar 1, 10:27pm
Thanks for that - I'm inundated with courgettes too so will give it a try.

pammies, Mar 2, 3:26am
Have been making a real easy courgette relish and it is yummy. i didnt add the mustard or pimentos. I put some chilli powder in.

bev00, Sep 4, 1:12am
I make vegetable lasagna often start. with a little pasta sauce in dish .then add sheets of lasagna I used dried rather than fresh.then add cooked pumpkin portabello mushrooms sliced, cooked onion,courgettes more pasta sauce another layer of lasagna sheets plus some grated cheese then repeat layers of vegetables ending with lasagna sheets. then pour over a cheese sauce and bake in hot oven 180 for 45 mins.

petal1955 (295 295 positive feedback) 12:43 pm, Mon 28 Apr #2
for your ingredients I would mash the pumpkin, and cut the broccoli and cauli into smallish pieces to go in raw, but it depends on how large you cut up veggies for whether they should be raw or pre-cooked. Plenty of crushed garlic in the cheese sauce if you're anything like me.

I usually do pumpkin, kumara, spinach (or silverbeet, but spinach is nicer) and mushroom lasagne.

Roast or boil the main veggies (pumpkin and kumara here), then mash or cut into small pieces (I do a mixture of both). Things like spinach, silverbeet, courgette, capsicum, mushrooms, broccoli etc need to be RAW. Cauli is iffy, depending on how small it is but I like to mash steamed cauli into my pumpkin if I have it.
It also depends on which pasta you want to use - I make fresh sheets so they don't take very long to cook and I find it doesn't need a tomato sauce because the spinach and mushrooms both give off plenty of moisture to keep the pasta going. The boxed dry sheets I think need at least 30 minutes cooking time from memory and you may want a tomato sauce with them for moisture.

Layer like this:
cheese sauce (on the bottom of the dish to stop sticking)
lasagne sheet
fresh spinach
mashed pumpkin
mushroom slices & kumara pieces (I push them into the mashed pumpkin so it's almost one layer)
cheese sauce

And just repeat until you use all the veggies. I have a big 30x20 pyrex dish and normally takes a half dozen good sized kumara (chopped), a whole larger sized butternut (mashed) plus plenty of mushrooms and spinach to make this, and it lasts a good 6-8 meals (served with protein, so probably 4 servings as the whole meal) for me when I can be bothered doing a big one. I usually have containers of pre-frozen ingredients floating around, so I tend to do single serving ones rather than having to freeze and reheat pasta.

When you get to the last layer, I normally do pasta, spinach, sauce then cover with grated cheese and bake until hot and golden and oozy and bubbly and everything good that cheese does.

fizzy_kiwi (39 39 positive feedback) 1:44 pm, Mon 28 Apr #5
fizzy_kiwi. thanks for your recipe. I will be trying that one too!

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