Preserving pan

susievb, Feb 15, 5:35am
I'm thinking of upgrading from my old pot for jam/preserve making.
I saw one at the warehouse calling itself: Allyson Gofton Homemade Maslin Pan 9L

It is made of s/steel, 9L, handle, measurements on the inside of the pan, a bit of a lip for easy pouring, and an Encapsulated base for even heat distribution.

Does anyone have one? Do you think it is a good buy?

I see mad millie do one but more expensive.

laspaz, Feb 16, 8:02am
Looks good, my only concern is the handles. The spot weld type ones have failed for me before, one the day I got it from the Warehouse. The riveted handles always seem to hold up much longer and seem more robust.

whitehead., Feb 17, 2:49am
any garage could put a screw through it to hold it

moparpete, Feb 17, 3:06am
Hi, I got one for myself from Trademe couple of years back. It's old school type but very sturdy. The handle is strong and bottom sheet is very thick and jam and preserve for that reason donot stick easily.There are few listed in the website, if interested just have a look.

laspaz, Feb 17, 3:32am
I could put a screw in myself, that's not the point. Just pointing out the weakness of that particular item.

susievb, Feb 17, 5:28am
Would a s/steel pan be better than an aluminum one, as can't aluminum react with certain food? -eg rhubarb can poc mark aliminum or so l have heard.

aj.2., Feb 18, 4:54pm
9ltr does not seem very big.
Aluminium does pit, but they are lighter to handle than Stainless steel, and cheaper.
Also you will not wear it out in your life time so buy one that suits your budget.
We use one of the older large Allie pans, and have a large lid that fits it.
Helps keep the power use down if you can cover and heat on low Temp.

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