Looking for some suggestions for new lunchbar

b.mega, Jan 18, 9:38am
am wondering what some food ideas might be for a new lunch-bar, does anyone have exp on what kind of food works etc or maybe some recipes would really appreciate some help

marshn86, Jan 18, 9:50am
I've always wanted to run a lunch bar! I've had no experience besides eating at a lunch bar haha but I think foods like toasted sandwiches, burgers, hot chips, pork riblet's, hotdogs, dim Sims, chicken kababs, containers of fried rice and lasange, sandwiches, cold pastas & salads prepacked, sweet slices,cake, muffins :)

skye7, Jan 18, 11:03am
And consideration for food intolerance/s

fordfeet, Jan 19, 3:03am
Maybe an Atkins or Paleo type of lunchbar would go down well?

pamellie, Jan 19, 3:49am
What kind of area will it be in? Hungry tradesmen will eat differently to office workers.

fee1965, Jan 22, 6:43pm
You need to identify your market - passing school kids, truckies, trades, mums with bubs, corporates etc this will determine what ape/style of foods you serve. Also is it in an affluent area? Can your customers afford great coffee, fancy breads and pastries, or are pies and savouries more suited?

slimgym, Jan 22, 8:26pm
and fruit

raloki, Jan 22, 9:02pm
Soup in winter.

bluecalico, Jan 24, 10:55pm
Something different from other places. get sick of the same old same old in all the cabinets.

bedazzledjewels, Jan 24, 11:10pm
Know your market and give them what they want.

frances1266, Jan 24, 11:41pm
Some healthy food would be good. I get fed up with cafes and lunchbars generally having nothing but meat, cheese etc. Consideration for those with food intolerances would be a good idea as there is very little around. Would depend on the sort of market you are catering for though.

cleggyboy, Jan 25, 7:46pm
One of the things I have noticed in lunch bars, is all this fancy food. There needs to be some simple food like sandwiches & filled rolls, even if it is made to order.
I have asked for this in the past and the person behind the counter looks at me like a stunned mullet.
Having a bit of extra service goes down a long way.
I used to own a deli and we always made to order if requested and the ingredients was available.
One interesting thing I noticed is the variation in vegetarians, some won't eat meat but will eat dairy, others will not eat anything to do with animals and others just plain awkward, but we coped.

tex-tickle, Jan 26, 5:13am
So. OP. What is your target market ?

rainrain1, Jan 26, 5:30am
Take a friend, go for a drive out of town, and look around at what other places, have that appeals

racecom, Jan 26, 11:17pm
If you want chicken Seasoning, batter etc send me a message as I can assist.

patsprat, Apr 18, 9:56am
Perhaps something which doesn't contain bread as its main feature?
Not just for those gluten intolerant, but I often look for something like a roast vegetable frittata, made in a muffin tin, tasty and you can dress it up with a bit of salad and an unusual chutney or just eat it as is, these can be really tasty and not hard to make. You could do a vego version and another with chicken, ham etc.

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