Easy ideas for lunch for school

lilyfield, Apr 19, 1:00am
my kids grew up on cheese sandwiches and an apple all through school years.They grew into strong lads. no problem with the same old. if that what they want.The variety can come at dinner time.

vashti, Apr 19, 3:24am
DH had honey sandwiches every day of his school life. If muminlaw made anything different he would complain.
He still loves honey.

madj, Apr 19, 3:29am
Some kids love things like cold pasta salad, add cooked pasta, spring onion and finely diced vegetables, whatever he likes. Mini pizza's, hummus and carrots/celery if he is into that. Plain yoghurt with dry fruit, scones, frittatas with cheese, onion and tomoato. Cheese rolls (rolled up south island variety). Green salad. Depends what he likes and what he doesn't. My son when he was at primary school just wanted a plain bread roll (NO fillings no butter, nothing), a carrot or 2, green apple (would not eat anything other than granny smiths pretty much. A small pkt chips (I know but hey was a treat lol). Some plain (no sugar, no butter, no flavouring) popcorn on occasion and sometimes took a salad. When he went to college he would only eat (and this was everyday) vogels bread with salami slices and a green apple. He would come home and cook up pasta, add some herbs and a can of tomatoes. He was always fed the same as everyone else but really did not like the 'usual' lunch fare. Now he is a healthy strapping young man who still loves trim cuts of meat, green salads and of course the occasional junkfood! It was easy in a way to give him the same each day cos that is what he would eat and was reasonably healthy. Nowadays he understands a bit more at the cost of it having to now fend for himself :)

asue, Apr 19, 4:37am
Work some options out - then get your son to plan his lunches with you what he will eat. Boys you find like quick on the go things, like fruit etc

molly37, Apr 19, 5:16am
I used to make sushi for my boys. Does he like that? Its a tad fiddly to make, i tended to do it on a sunday evening for monday. Is there anything he likes that can be put into a wrap.

mjhdeal, Apr 20, 4:36am
What other sorts of things does he like?

rainrain1, Apr 20, 5:01am
Mine had marmite, then on to peanut butter and jelly, for all their school lives. hahaha
If he likes sandwiches, give him a sandwich, you don't have to muck about making salads, or thinking about something different every day, give him what he likes to eat

teddy147, Apr 20, 8:13am
mine like filled rolls, salami, ham or smoked beef with lettuce cheese n egg. 2 bread rolls each and a piece of fruit and a bottle of water.
I started as of today to do container of cooked egg slices, lettuce mix, beetroot n grated cheese it will make things quicker I hope.

sarahb5, Sep 25, 9:56am
Exactly - its easy to eat, you can eat and run or play at the same time, it doesn't drop all over your clothes - my now 20 year old had marmite or peanut butter sandwiches every day at school because that's what he wanted and made. Only variation was the baking - and one of the kids did the baking every week too. Mine wasn't especially fussy, just a creature of habit who liked easy food that didn't interfere with playing football, etc.

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