How do you make your Tahini please?

amanda_simonp, Apr 1, 12:49am
I need some of this for a recipe I want to make. Have googled, but would be interested if anyone on here makes it and would be willing to share. :)

snapperheadrkp, Apr 1, 2:18am
Lightly roast 1 kg of sesame seeds.
Cool and grind in a Food Processor (add a little oil to make into a paste)
Use some, save some in the fridge, freeze the rest in suitable sized packs.
If you are making Hummus and got no Tahini, try Peanut Butter instead.

awoftam, Apr 1, 5:23am
No sugar added peanut butter would be the healthier alternative.

amanda_simonp, Nov 12, 8:50am
thanks so much for this, appreciate your help.

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