Quality microwave oven brands?

bouncingzombies, Sep 19, 7:52am
Can anyone recommend a quality brand of microwave oven? One that will work well and last for a while? If the quality ones are really expensive brand new then I may look at getting a good quality one 2nd hand rather than a cheaper new one that will break down in 12 months.

mica3, Sep 19, 9:36am

sarahb5, Sep 19, 11:57am
I have had my cheap Sheffield for nearly 4 years - it is a microwave, grill, convection oven and breadmaker - I love it

lythande1, Sep 19, 6:49pm

awoftam, Sep 19, 10:10pm

punkinthefirst, Sep 19, 11:08pm
My current Sharp is well over 20 years old, but is starting to rust inside so will need replacing soon (wasn't dried properly after cleaning). It works just fine!

cap, Oct 15, 6:08pm
Our old panasonic lasted 17 years. We now have a LG and that's 7 years old and still going strong.

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