Herbs to use with fish

calista, Jan 20, 8:05am
My Mum used to use an old Alison Holst recipe for baking fish. Basically you put butter, lemon, pepper and herbs over the fish, wrap it in foil and cook it for 20mins at 200c. Sometimes she also used a splosh of white wine. It was yummy.

I've tried it several times with varying degrees of success, but apart from parsley I not sure of the herbs she used.

Any suggestions please?

davidt4, Jan 20, 8:29am
Fresh dill, tarragon, chives, parsley and chervil are all good with baked fish.

autumnwinds, Jan 20, 8:31am
lemon thyme can be nice, too.
And I also like orange slices with slices of fennel bulb and parsley, with an extra squeeze of 1/2 a lime (plus salt and pepper of course)

sampa, Jan 20, 9:04am
Fennel every time, either/and/or the bulb or the feathery leafy bits. so yum. But take care if you haven't used it before, could be a bit overpowering to new taste buds, so go easy the first use.

calista, Jan 23, 11:14pm
Sorry, thought I had posted my thanks for the suggestions,

I have a 6ft fennel plant in my garden - so that solves it.

richard198, Apr 26, 1:03am
Agree with the tarragon. OP should make sure he/she likes dill though, not for everyone,eh?

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