black olives

truepom, May 1, 4:08am
I've got some black olives, all the recipes say I've got to soak them and change the water everyday, (seems a lot of hassle to me), anyone know an easier way, or how to make oil? ?

ourtwomonkeys, May 1, 6:27am
Bump. We've got a bucket of green olives soaking in brine and have no idea if it's going to work - so would love to see what other people do.

fifie, Mar 22, 1:17pm
A tried recipe from the NZ Gardner, haven't made it myself but it looks good it may help you.
Pickled Olives.
3 KG Olives Rock Salt
Stand the olives in rock salt for 1 week, stir daily. After a week, add the olives to the Brine.
Brine: 6 ltr water 1 egg Rock Salt Boil the water and stand until cool. Place the egg (unboiled and still in its shell) in the water. Add the salt until the egg floats.
The olives usually take 3 weeks in the brine, however mum used to check them every week to see if they were still bitter (a lot of trial and error passed down from her parents)
When the olives are no longer bitter, strain the brine and place them in jars with a mixture of either 1 part vinegar and 1 part water or 1 part vinegar and 1 part oil.

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