Slightly OT - Dishcloths

jaybee6, Jan 20, 7:36am
Sponges hold the most bacteria out of all dish cloths. Ewwww they are filthy things. I have a clean dish cloth every day and soak every night in bleach.

meg94, Feb 13, 5:58am
Multi pack of micro fibre cloths from Briscoes, fresh cloth each day, used ones go into bleach and thru the washing machine. Have been using current pack for at least a year. Also have some supermarket bought yellow fluffy ones. They get same treatment. Very 'in' in USA to knit dish cloths - can't have much to do! They have heaps of cotton for the purpose on wool sites.

nauru, Feb 13, 6:42am
I use these too. Had them well over a year and still going strong. Changed daily, quick soak in napisan type solution prior to washing. They have held up very well and when the time comes, I'd look to replacing them with the same. Over the years I've tried many different types but I've found, these are the best ones.
I remember my Gran, Mum & Aunts using the knitted/crocheted cotton ones, they were quite popular way back in the day, they seem to be fashionable again.

winnie15, Jan 12, 8:57am
I bought a pack of these today , they're GINORMOUS !

figjamto, Jan 12, 9:34am
+ 1
Few minutes and kills all germs

melford, Jan 12, 10:25am
I use two mutton cloth ones - have one in bleach while the other is being used. They are always nice and white, wouldn't use anything with a colour in them as they don't bleach well and look so scruffy.

retired, Jan 12, 7:44pm
Flannels are great, last for ages and are cheap. I also put mine in the dishwasher!

bedazzledjewels, Mar 4, 9:07am
This deserves a bump as I've just chopped up an old towel into dishcloth sized pieces and edged it. And I got the idea from here, and it's brilliant. Change them everyday.

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