Finger food to make in advance

wasala, Nov 30, 1:32am
If you were entertaining 40-50 people and wanted to get organised in advance, what would you do? Probably savoury rather than sweet. I'll have big platters of fruit. Any recipes that I can prepare now and freeze would be great. Not too difficult as I'm a pretty useless cook!

daarhn, Nov 30, 2:59am
I like making mini falafel balls, and mini spicy pork balls. Make 100's well in advance, precook, cool then freeze. Defrost and reheat and serve with dipping sauces which can also be premade in advance.

Mini savoury tarts, lining mini muffin tins with cut out sheets pastry rounds topped with onion marmalades, chutneys, relish etc sprinkle of cheese. Make these by the million, cool and freeze then defrost and reheat to serve.

Popcorn chicken. cube, dust, crumb in season mix, chicken meat into bite sized peices, deep fry in batches, cool and freeze, defrost and reheat.

Slabs of homemade pizzas. Make your own dough, shape into squares for easy cutting into bite sized pieces. Try not to overload, have various flavours using pesto sauces from dip tubs, sprinkle cheese, bits bacon, ham, capsicums mushrooms cheeses mini toms etc. Freeze whole and store flat wrapped onto of each other save sapace, defrost reheat and sprinkle some parmesan or fetta and bisil leaves. Go gourmet the choices are endless. Slice and serve

Sticky honey prawns. Bag prawn cutlets from frozen section, quite cheap in bulk all ready cleaned. Defrost, marinade in lemon or lime juice sweet chilli sauce, dried flaky chillis, flash fry until pink and caramelized, drizzle in honey and sprinkle with sesame seeds, cool, freeze. Defrost, reheat serve with shredded corriander leaves.

Chicken nibbles are a fav, I like doing big batches of satay, chinese 5 spice, honey and soy, chilli. Easy as making various marinades adding to double bagged fruit vege bags, tie a knot and mix the marinade into chicken. Can be frozen as is until cooking time, defrost then in oven on oven trays or roasting pans lined with baking paper for easy cleaning and those cripsy bits. Sprinkle with various chopped roasted peanuts for satay, corriander for chilli, lemon zest , corriander parsely chilli etc etc

Places like mad Butcher of your local Halal butcher for cheap discounts when buying in bulk. Keep it simple with great flavours. Pile high in beautiful serving platters, bowls, ask everyone to rummage and find platters. If its an evening soiree then I fill all my empty cleaned and delabled jars with tea-candles and group them all over the table and nooks to create an ambiance. Lots of tooth picks and napkins!

I do love a finger food buffet soiree by candlelight!

wasala, Nov 30, 3:05am
Bless your soul - those are wonderful suggestions and I'll make them all. It's going to be a garden party if the weather favours us!

daarhn, Nov 30, 3:14am
even better! thin wire wrapped around each jar from 2 dollar shop and hang those jars throughout the trees and strung on line. Fiesta! fairy lights everywhere for twighlight fun. organize some old fashioned games to play, egg and spoon, musical chairs, tail on the donkey, 3 legged race, sack race. grownups are simply big kids when it comes to out door fun

Lots of cushions, rugs in groups for folk to lie back on. Pitchers and jugs of fruit punch. I have 2 barbyQ's and ask in advance for a couple more to borrow and set up various stations for meat, veggies, and seafood.

marquee umbrellas, ask and borrow and do a quick dress rehearsal a week before to check layout of tables, trestles etc. make it easier by delegating various set up duties and yard tidy before the event.

wasala, May 24, 10:59am
You rock Daarhn - what a party animal!
I feel as if I should invite you along!

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