Kitchen windows - what type of blinds

coolnzmum, Apr 2, 8:31pm
We have a large window right next to bench, floor to ceiling. The afternoon sun comes in directly onto bench which has bowls of fruit on it. Currently close curtains in afternoon to stop sun being on food all afternoon. This does make room dark so want to put a blind on the window as well. Question is do we put a sun filter blind that lets us see out while blocking 95 % of UV light ( we have a lovely view of Mt Taranaki out windows) or would it be better to put sun block blind that would reduce amount of light but not as much as curtains block light. Opinions please.

petal1955, Apr 2, 8:44pm
Wouldnt it be easier to move the bowls of fruit?

whitehead., Apr 2, 8:59pm
i dont like curtions because i once set the kitchen on fire while frying chips while my parents were out ,i would go for roller blinds

buzzy110, Apr 2, 11:40pm
We have sun filter blinds and omg, they are fantastic. I'd recommend them. I also had sun filter (white) venetian blinds in our last house and loved them as well. They block out the sun but let in light while still allowing the view.

Both the blinds (Holland) and Venetians tucked away nicely are/were un-noticable.

If you are looking for more privacy at night and heat retention in the winter then keep your curtains as well.

pickles7, Apr 3, 12:27am
sun filter (white) venetian blinds , seconded. They are nice and bright as well.

buzzy110, Apr 3, 1:11am
Actually my sunfilter roller blinds are black and because they still let in light, without the UV of course, they look very elegant on the windows and do not darken the area at all. Though I do agree that slim line, white venetians are pretty good as well. The downside was I had to order them as not many blind maker stock sunfilter slats for venetians. They do have to be cleaned at least once a year. I have no idea how to clean my roller blinds or even whether I can just get away with a quick vac over them.

coolnzmum, Oct 28, 8:17am
Thanks for the replies, been away for weekend :-) will be keeping the curtains as well. Unless we put the fruit in a cupboard there is no bench space to put them elsewhere out of the sun in the afternoon so looks like sunfilter is the way to go. Thanks

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