Pasta machines, questions.

pennyo, Jan 18, 7:55am
If you have one do you use it a lot and think its worth having? And What is the difference between the cheap $30 models and the $180 ones?

lilyfield, Jan 18, 9:37am
The cheap ones are most likely plasic, will not handle the dough ,probably break in no time. Buy a good one, made in Italy , it will keep its value, look after it, don't wash it ever. Should not have to cost 180 tho, more loke 100- to 120
I used my pasta maker a lot ,once a week, not anymore , on my own now.
Well worth the effort if you are fond of fresh pasta. Its quite quick once you have the hang of it. Make double or triple portions, dry or freeze for another meal.

pennyo, Jan 18, 9:46am
Are the fully automated ones worth it? I'm kind of thinking not, as you're not really "making" the pasta, the machine is.

beaker59, Jan 18, 10:18am
I have a $50 warehouse one its about 5 yrs old now I make pasta once a week usually sometimes more in winter less so in Summer. Its easy to use robust and efficient. Showing no signs of wearing out :)

I do prefer fresh pasta, worth doing for my family as we do pasta often. Will it be worth it for you well that depends more on you than the process or equipment. Probably the biggest advantage of home made pasta is the ability to make stuffed pasta. thinking of doing that tomorrow with the leftover roast chicken from tonight and a few mushrooms a little béchamel sauce and a salad, all it needs is a nice bottle of wine.

beaker59, Jan 18, 10:21am
My granddaughters love turning the handle on my machine its very manual and a family occasion :)

lythande1, May 7, 6:01pm
I have a cheap $30 made in china no brand one.
There is no plastic on it at all. It's metal.
I have owned it for about 11 years now use it all the time, and it was second hand when I bought it.

I use it for lasagna, ravioli mainly. I would not be without it now, you can do it by hand - rolling pin - but it's slower and you have to watch for unevenness that way.

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