NZ Vegetarian Cookbook?

arcane1315, Dec 3, 6:44pm
Has anyone heard of this book? I have googled and managed to find a NZ Vegetable Cookbook - but not a NZ Vegetarian one. does anyone know if such a thing exists?

ruby19, Dec 3, 6:54pm
Rowan Bishop is a NZ author that has a vegetarian book out, could this the be book? Vegetarian Kitchen.

kirmag, Dec 3, 10:47pm
This is an awesome book:

I'm not vegetarian, but have cooked many recipes out of this book. (and you can prob find cheaper then what it is for sale on this link. dare I say.)

arcane1315, Dec 4, 4:59am
Thanks. Ruby that might be the one - only book I have found that has NZ in the title as well. Darn. might have to ask some questions. it was going to be a sneaky xmas gift.

frances1266, May 14, 2:02am
Think the NZ Vegetarian society have a cookbook, maybe this is the one you are thinking of. Also Seventh Day Adventist church put out vegan cookbooks, many are really good and have tried and true recipes as SDA have veganism as part of their religion.