Dinner ideas for on the go?

makeupgirl12, Feb 6, 3:22am
I've just started a new job that requires me to work evenings so i'll be having dinner at work 5 nights a week. I'm struggling for meal ideas. Does anyone have any easy and affordable dinner ideas? Thanks :)

barbiedoll, Feb 6, 3:49am
I did evenings for 13 years and just cooked a normal meal-meat and veges every day.

huggy5, Feb 6, 4:02am
I used to just switch my midday and evening meals around, because my lunches are more portable. So I'd do a full cooked midday meal and then a wrap or sushi or something for my dinner.

wendalls, Feb 8, 8:18am
Make up casseroles or curries and freeze portions. I also tried fish in the microwave quite successfully recently. You could make some baked potatoes up that just need reheating. Tuna pasta bake, macaroni cheese, salad with chicken.

davidt4, Mar 16, 10:10am
What facilities do you have at work? What do you like to eat?

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