Shortbread that keeps well

roseann48, Feb 18, 7:25pm
Have you a fav shortbread recipe that keeps well. My recipe is yum but after a couple of days tastes buttery.

harrislucinda, Feb 18, 8:39pm
I guess it will with all that butter in have a good 1 as well and does the same

valentino, Feb 18, 10:58pm
What recipe are you using. the real secret or non-secret is to really mix all thoroughly then a slightly longer bake by a couple of minutes on a temperature a notch down, e.g. instead of 180C to be 170C and if fan bake then 155C max temp for 20 to 24 minutes is ideal, also to allow to cool fully before placing into storage container then store (about a day plus) before eating.

This one is great, I chill overnight the rolls first then bake as noted above mainly.
250gm butter softened but never to be melted,
3/4 cup icing sugar,
1 1/2 cups cornflour,
1 cup flour,
1/4tsp salt
Cream butter and icing sugar well, add the rest on ingredients, mix thoroughly (all best in an Electric Cake Beater/Mixer) and knead together.
Roll into a log and wrap in greaseproof paper.
When chilled slice and bake at 180 for 20 min.

spot20, Feb 19, 1:09am
My friends mother always kept her shortbread in the freezer!

lilyfield, Feb 19, 1:25am
and that is where it should be if you want to keep it

roseann48, Feb 19, 1:47am
My recipe is similar to yours valetino except less cornflour & more flour.
Approx 14 mths ago I copied a recipe off here & the shortbread was still lovely several days later - no buttery taste. Great when travelling. I cant find the recipe now. There were several shortbread recipes on the same page - I remember one was for scotch & another for lemon shortbreads.

valentino, Feb 14, 6:01pm
Slightly off topic but those Girl Guide Biscuits were great in that these could be frozen for quite some time yet still came out as fresh as the day they went in.

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